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How to handle Fate? Savitri shows the way…. Part 2

In the present human race, the mind is the ruler which is entangled with fate.Darwin has talked about physical evolution that Man evolved from Monkey and human being is the ultimate evolution on earth.

Who is a man?

One who is ruled by the mind, is a man.

Mana evolved after Monkey and hence humanbeings got the name Man.

It is widely believed there is nothing beyond man and man should aim for liberation/moksha that is spirituality.

We are all under the same impression only.

But there is one more race which is called Superman.The next race is on the way to earth.

The First representative of Superman on Earth Bringing the heaven on earth is entirely in the hands of Adi Parashakthi.Aswapathi pleads to Supramental Mother for that Great Act only.

In that case man need not escape from the earth and go to heaven.

We always say that we get liberated from planet and go to heaven.

The next human race will bring heaven to the earth.

Adi Parashakthi grants his boon and says a girl named Savitri will be born to him.

She is the first representative of the Superman race.

Savitri, the Mother herself is born as the daughter of Aswapathy.

She is the Avatar of the Light, The Mother.

Like our souls, the earth has also got a soul.

The name of the earth soul is Satyavan.

Savitri brings back the life to Satyavan and brings heaven on earth.

In page 664 of Savitri, she talks to Yama directly staring at him, she is looking at the eyes of Yama, means she is looking at eyes of the fate without any attachment and fully detached and with full of strength.

After lot of arguments Savitri finally says, “Release the soul of the world (Satyavan)”.

Savitri is the redeemer of the soul of the earth.

To establish heaven on the earth she saves the soul of the earth.This is the background for the line, AND ONE GREAT ACT UNLOCK THE DOORS OF THE FATE. (Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, Canto IV: The Vision and the Boon, Page 345 )

What is Fate??

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