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How to handle Fate? Savitri shows the way…. Part 1

Updated: Jan 23


Sir, could you elaborate and explain “AND ONE GREAT ACT UNLOCK THE DOORS OF FATE” from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, Canto IV: The Vision and the Boon, Page 345.

Naran Sir:

You should understand the background of Savitri to understand this line.

There is a king named Aswapathy. He did lot of penance and wanted the ultimate truth on this planet earth. In the meditation, he crossed all the regions above and reached Supramental Region and there he met Adi Parashakthi, the Supramental Mother and prostrated to her. He requested the Supramental Mother to send the highest race which is beyond human race.

Aswapathy prayed to Adi Parashakthi to bring the Superman race to the planet earth. He asked, “One Great Act unlock the doors of fate.”

The Supreme Mother: “Aswapathy, you have come to supramental region, be satisfied with that and don’t ask for the Supramental race to descend on earth, it will happen at the appropriate time.”

He pleaded that not only he should attain this supramental state, but it must also be accessible to all on the planet earth. How long the souls on the earth can battle the night and darkness? Mother, Bring the superman race to the earth at the earliest.

Who is a man???????????


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