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How to handle Fate? Savitri shows the way…. Final part

Updated: Jan 23

What is the one great act on our part to be a Superman?

“An inner wall of silence could be built”. – Page 187

This is a life lesson we have to learn.

This is the command to the human race.

Build an inner wall of silence, around you.

Whenever you meet with any person or any event, just be an observer with whatever happens, whomever you confront with.

How should you observe?

Be non-judgmental, non-participating, non-commenting.

What is non-participating?

In a given situation, not to get disturbed externally and internally and remain neutral without thrusting your opinion, arguing and fighting.

Just observe without judging and participating.

It is easier for you to just become an observer.

In the earlier “Recall your past” exercise, you recalled the past without emotions and just observed it like a thought.

When you could disassociate yourself from past events, the same effort should be done in observing the present events.

One Great Act

The mind taps energy from limbic brain and reptile brain.

All the emotions, behaviour is from Limbic brain whereas competitiveness, fight or flight mode is from reptile brain.

As long as your limbic and reptile brain operates your actions, you can never be non-participating, non-reacting etc.

You have to raise above both the limbic and reptile brain and reach the NEO CORTEX which activates non-reactive, non-associating behaviour.

Neo cortex is an unknown territory for human being.

This is that one Great Act which leads to the first step of Superman.

Exercise for developing one Great Act

Build up an inner wall for 15 minutes daily.

Chant “An Inner wall of silence could be built” as many times as possible.

Remain silent within and observe the events, people without judging or analysing.

When you approach the present in non-reacting, non-associating, non-participating way, you can win over the fate.

Savitri says: “Don’t do anything just observe without participating, then fate will move away from you”.

How to come out of this cycle of fate?

Just sit and observe without participating, without fear, accept the events and persons as it is and stay neutral inside, Fate will move away from you.

In short, our one act of building the Inner wall of silence can unlock the doors of the fate and could bring the heaven on earth.


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1 Comment

Sharmila Arumugam
Sharmila Arumugam
Feb 23, 2021

This is such an insight sir. I have always let my emotions get the better of me which has caused a loop of emotions and baggages. May be its time I move away from that part of myself and build the inner wall of silence. Thank you sir for this insight.

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