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How to Chant the Mantras

Naran S Balakumar When I talk, do not listen to the words. I will give a gap of about one or two seconds between each word. Concentrate on the gap between the words so that the mantra will be initiated inside you. Do not bother about the initiation. Just dwell and be with the mantras. Mantras need not be chanted loudly. They can be chanted within your mind also. Initially, you chant the mantras loudly so that the mind and the pranic body come to the center. Then you can chant within yourself. Chanting is nothing but repetition of the mantra. There is no time restriction for doing that. Depending on the problem or life situation, chant as many times as possible. Do not be fascinated by all the mantras. Doing a Japam is totally different from normal mantra chanting. There you take only one mantra and continuously chant it. Even one minute of chanting will do. One can chant for other person also. Usually, it is women who chant the mantras. Their spouses want them to chant it on their behalf. However, the same men who are reluctant to chant the mantras, when they became grandparents, they want to chant for their grandchildren. It takes such a longtime for them to accept the healing methods through mantras. In that sense, women are fortunate to be here because they will have all the sources of healing through mantras. Don’t worry about the pronunciation or the sound of your voice. If you are not sure about your voice, close your eyes.


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