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How to become wealthy?

To become wealthy we need to be happy….

NaranWhy we need to be happy? Lakshmi will not come when there is worry or fear. If there is joy, she will come because Mahalakshmi represents Supreme Delight and Love. At this present age, we are sure we are not happy. Otherwise, we will not come for the abundance class, if you are happy. There is some problem or other. You cannot say you are 100% happy. The purity of happiness is not there. Do you have the happiness of a child? The heartfelt smile is not there in us. Where have we lost that joy and happiness? We would have been happy when we were a child.

To know more on why we need to be happy…read the blog:

How to become happy? Is there a simple technique?

Can you explain this technique with a case history? Good luck!!!


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