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How to avoid delivering a breech baby?

Updated: May 7

Naran S Balakumar “PURUSHOTHAMA, BHOOTHA BHAVANA, BHOOTHESHA NAMO NAMAHA” This Warrior Prince Arjuna called Lord Krishna so. It is taken from Bhagavat Gita Sloka 15, of Chapter 10. These are the words used by Arjuna to praise Lord Krishna. ‘Bhootha Bhavana’ was also mentioned in Vishnu Sahsaranamam. It means ‘He is the nourisher of life’ – the one who gives life. ‘Purushothama’ means he is the creator of life and ‘Bhoothesha’ means he is the protector of life. That’s why this mantra is very important for pregnant women to develop the fetus well and to complete the delivery in time. One can also avoid delivering a breech baby. Few complications are developed during pregnancy. The pregnant woman will go through lot of suffering. She will be confused whether to take medicines or not. This Purushothama Mantra will protect the fetus as well as help it to develop fully. You will not give birth to children with mental retardation. Refer the post to know the background of the story where Arjuna calls Krishna with the words mentioned above:


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