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How to attract each other?

Same character exhibited differently Same poles repel each other. If A is resisting B, or fighting, or in discord with B then we always say that both are opposite poles. Is it TRUE OR FALSE? It is false. The truth is they are the same poles. That is why they repel each other. A is actively resisting B, while B is passively resisting. One’s resistance is outward. The other’s resistance is inward –mental. Mentally both are in the same poles. Repulsion is a state of mind, by which both don’t know why they are against each other. Normally we sympathize with B, thinking that B is a victim and A is the persecutor. They are mentally in the same state or resistance, and both of them are doing it without their knowing.

Take the opposite stance One has to shift their stance and be in the opposite pole to attract him. Who has to do that? It is the one who wants peace and harmony. When B wants harmony, he has to understand that, The opposite pole of ANGER is FORGIVENESS. The opposite pole of CRITICISM is PRAISE. The opposite pole of RESISTANCE is ADJUST. The opposite pole of PRIDE is THANKS (love). The opposite pole of ARROGANCE is HUMILITY.

How to achieve the mental state for harmony? BOW and CONCEDE to ADJUST and FORGIVE to PRAISE and THANK. The mental state of thanks and forgiveness is the only way to be in the opposite pole to have harmony with the other person.There is no other route. Keep the different parts of the mind TOGETHER and chant “TOGETHER BOW CONCEDE ADJUST PRAISE FORGIVE THANKS”. Additionally, write “TOGETHER OIL HELP HOLE” to overcome the repulsion (OIL removes friction,while HOLE attracts).

When a person is resisting you… If you watch your thoughts on a daily basis, you will understand that your thoughts – your mental state – are against the person who is disharmonious with you. Every thought against the person, keeps you in the same plane – same pole – and you will never achieve what you want as long as you are in this state. Regular introspection will help you find this. When there is a stream of thoughts bombarding, counter them or stop the flow with “TOGETHER BOW CONCEDE ADJUST PRAISE FORGIVE THANKS”. Once you decided to be in the opposite pole, you need not pathetically look for a change in the opposite person. When change happens within you, when you have shifted yourself to the opposite pole 100%, then he will change (automatically). Till such time, he will keep on reminding you that you are in the same pole as he is. Life is fundamentally management of Mind. It gives us lessons always. The Power Life Symbol LOVE (66) will direct your state of mind towards a state of LOVE.


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