How I renewed my children's interest on studies with power symbols?


After doing the power symbol workshop, I started using the power symbols 1, 2 and 3 for my kids.

Within 2 days I found in them a renewed interest in studies.

As a parent, I'm one of those who hates nagging her child, however I found I was doing it often.

Since the last year, our children have become cranky and sometimes they go out of bounds.

As I sat thinking how to make my children listen to me without having to shout, I suddenly remembered an affirmation by Naran Sir that I read long back.

It is- Affirm, “Violet Flame! Clear Cleanse Transmute the Cord between Me and My Child at Solar Plexus Chakra.

Make It Flexible, Healthy, Brighter, And Radiant with Full of Colors” as many times as you can. I affirmed at night before sleeping and found my children very calm and polite next morning.

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