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How ABUNDANCE Statements changed my belief

Updated: May 2, 2020

Wanted to share my experiences with the 40 - Prosperity consciousness programme At first I had thought it was the easiest thing to do, but realized that it was the toughest part to ensure that 40 days writing statements happened without fail . I had attempted to do the same multiple times in the last few months but somehow would end up failing either on the 22/ 30th day . However today when I finished the 40th day & feel totally elated , and the moral of the overall programme struck me was that we needed to believe the entire statements that we write down. Sometimes we end up missing that belief. Also Naran Sir says too “Reflect about the meaning of the statement. Think how much it can change your life. “ This is indeed the crucial piece. Would like to state what I felt the changes were when I followed the 40 day prosperity programme: My salary increment happened which hasn’t happened in the last 3 years. 24th day, I got cash as gifts on my birthday. 28th day, I got gold earrings as gifts and cash. 38th day, I was walking along the street while on a sales call and suddenly I was standing under a tree for shade and the flowers looked very unique ,when I looked up I saw that it was the cannon ball tree, can’t really explain the feeling of the tree as this was the first time I have seen this tree .I sent the pics to Irene for reconfirmation.This gave me the feeling that when prosperity consciousness feelings tend to be a part of you, you get signs in different forms, you need to be open to receiving My hubby paid up for my course as well :) P.S: I have regularly been receiving cash in some or the other forms, keep thanking Naran sir and Irene for highlighting the programme. Gratitude in my heart is what I can say for the lessons learnt. For the ones who have not felt immediate success keep doing it, trust in the Divine, you will get to see the results soon. Blessed be you all always Love and light Radhika


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