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Help for Clearing Cheques

Shantha MeenaYesterday I need 60000 Rs for our expenses. I deposited one cheque on Saturday. Till yesterday, it was not credited in my account. But, I promised some to give the money at 12pm. I was stunned. Immediately, I called WOLF loudly and ask the manager to give me the money against clearance. But one of his associates told him that it is impossible bcoz my cheque will come only on Saturday. However, I continuously chanted wolf. Manager then called me to write a letter and take the money. I am very happy at the moment after a very long time.  Thank you Naran for GIVING us such simple methods that WORKs. We feel good to be able to help those in trouble and in need. I don’t know how to express my feelings.

NaranVery good!!!


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