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Healing through Stories and Tapping

NaranWhat is the Use of Listening to Stories CD and Doing EFT? Inner meaning of stories can be learnt by the subconscious mind. It is called ‘Learning by Metaphors’.

  1. · When the conscious mind concentrates on story, subconscious mind will learn what it has to learn.

  2. · If you can tap (do EFT) while listening to the stories, then you will tap the resource of the characters in the stories.There is a simple way of tapping using the six positions in the fingers including the Gamut point. They are important positions. Balancing        will result. How one can to listen to Stories CD?

  3. If the eyes are open, then the conscious mind will focus on something else, therefore, while listening to the story, close your eyes and listen

  4. Tapping is one of the best techniques to get the resources of other persons - we are not taking away the resources of them, as the resources are in a common pool

  5. Tap on yourself to activate those resources inside yourself (everybody has all the resources inside them)

  6. At the same time, listen to your breathing as well

  7. Release all thoughts that come to you by saying, “I let go these thoughts”

  8. Just relaxWhat these stories will do to you?

  9. There are many stories around that can heal us. You would have heard the story, how Rama's name changed a thief into Valmiki, the greatest epic writer of all the times

  10. You have to listen to stories repeatedly, so that mind is conditioned

  11. Words and messages embedded in stories have direct access to subconscious

  12. Not only our mind, but also our thoughts get elevated too

  13. Our life will change too

  14. A new life and a new beginning situation will happen

  15. Within a week, you will feel the churning of mindWhy should we listen to stories? An elephant does not know what a mantra is. Then it heard, “Om Namo Bhagavate” that originated from the universe. It is a Soul’s Mantra.  It means that soul is saying to Lord, “I do Namaskara for you”. Immediately, Gajendra had Motcham (liberation of soul from mundane life). We keep trying so much. By hook or crook, we try to achieve. Only when we can’t go further, we surrender. That is what the elephant Gajendra did. The soul will rise when it hears this Mantra as it is a Soul’s Mantra. However, we need to repeat it many times. Therefore, when we listen to stories, we have a direct influence over the sub-conscious mind.


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