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Heal Your Pain and Become Calm

Client Since yesterday morning I was having pain in my right sacroiliac joint. I chanted “Gham” mantra for 2 hours but this time it did not work. Then I chanted “Change Divine Order” along with giving Reiki. Used Zonar, Shanti and Cho Ku Rey Reiki Symbols but nothing helped. Up to 5.30 in evening pain increased this much that I was unable to move my leg in any direction. Every week, one of my hip joints pains for one or two days, causing limp while walking. But this time pain was unbearable I decided to call you, as painkiller was also ineffective. At 6.20, I called you and you suggested me to chant “CALM BEAR GLORY DIVINE. And to my surprise 20% of pain was gone within 15 mins. I could move my leg a little and up to 11 o’clock, 50% pain was gone and I could sleep. Definitely, I became CALM due to your GLORIOUS remedy as DIVINE helped me.


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