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Heal the SEED of Your Birth

Naran S Balakumar Each lifetime is a bag of karma – created during that lifetime. This karma is our experiences, our thoughts and feelings as well as our reactions to those experiences. Our life ends. Another life begins. We carry the karma of all our lives in a seed. The seed that is the reason for our next lifetime, decides who will be our parents. Likewise, the seeds of our parents decide that we are going to be their child. Heal these seeds. Then you will heal your lifetimes – current as well as the future.

First Step Heal the Seeds of your parents by sending Reiki. What happens now? The karma is healed. Now, the frequency of the seed matches the frequency of the divine – the frequency the divine wants to have – which will match the purpose of our life. What happens when our behavior, emotions and thoughts matches the purpose we are born for, and the purpose we have forgotten? We will live in harmony – our thoughts, emotions and actions will be in sync. Our actions will be effortless. We will be total and complete. Of course, we need to do the second step to make it happen.

Second Step Heal the seed inside you. Now your frequency that you are operating currently will align with the frequency of the divine. You will find your purpose of your life – which will lead to your enlightenment.


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