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Heal the bond between your parents

Madhu I am 32 and still not married. Whatever may I do for my relationship with whom I love, is not much working. I am scared about my life. Yes, my parents (mom is no more alive) were not happy with each other. Their parents fixed their marriage whereas both wanted someone else. I have not seen any harmony till my childhood. Now a day I am worried about issues like, “If I can’t marry whom I love or if I have to marry whom I can’t love or if my marital life becomes the same like my parents or even if I remain unmarried” and so on. I am practicing the harmony exercise every day, but how can I heal my parents? And please tell me, shall I ever be happy?

Naran Use Relationship-Bond Power Life symbol to heal your parents. Take a printout of the symbol. Write in the second circle your parents’ names. Keep this for 42 days. Daily chant “TOGETHER DIVINE” keeping your right hand on the symbol for 10 minutes.

To know more about that symbol, checkout the link: “50 Relationship-Bond”:


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