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Have no pressure at work

VijayI am currently into Banking and working for an IT company. I am unable to cope up the pressure and to understand a concept properly. I am also lacking confidence and interest. I need help to have courage and work properly to achieve results and be happy.

Naran You can take flower remedies MUSTARD, OAK, LARCH, CHESTNUT BUD and RESCUE REMEDY. Take 2 pills of each three times a day. Take the pills one by one. Don’t touch by hands. RESCUE REMEDY alone you put 10 pills in a water bottle and keep it in the office. Sip small quantity every one hour. You can take RESCUE REMEDY water in the night also before sleeping.

ExplanationTo understand the concept: MUSTARD Not to struggle: OAK To have confidence: LARCH To learn faster: CHESTNUT BUD To overcome tension: RESCUE REMEDY


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