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Harmony in Family and Office Relationships


Switch words for family and office harmonyWhen you think problems are unbearable or mounting do the forgiving exercise and chant “THANKS TOGETHER DIVINE” When this ordeal will change – “ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE NOW DIVINE” I am constantly worrying over my state of affairs – “MOVE ON FIND DIVINE ORDER” I feel unloved; lonely; isolated – “TOGETHER GIVE CIRCULATE ME” When this problem will end – “TOGETHER HALF WAY DIVINE” He is not listening to me, if my mother-in-law is not there, we can be happy – “GIVE TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE” He is aggressive – “BOW CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINE” So much frustrated – “OVER / TOGETHER DIVINE” He is holding a grudge against me – “REVERSE TOGETHER FIND DIVINE LOVE” What is the solution – “TOGETHER REACH DIVINE ORDER”

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