• Brilla Elsol

Harmony for Newly Married Couple

There was a newly married couple.

Marriage means change of lifestyle, relationships and atmosphere. Adjustments are the order of the day. The couple instead of understanding this, they were always arguing.

The husband approached Naran Sir. Naran Sir suggested to put harmony pack pills in the common drinking water. The couple started developing a rapport and found harmony in their married life.

Harmony Pack contains BEECH, WILLOW, CHERRY PLUM, CHICORY, AGRIMONY and WALNUT. When these flowers are present then we can bring 100% harmony in the family or between two people. You may find no harmony in your family. Put 10 to 15 pills of Harmony pack in the common drinking water. The fight may disappear. Your family members might wonder why the fight is not there anymore. Please note here, that no harmony within us has resulted in lack of harmony within the family. Of course, we do not find the fault with us but only on others.

Use CHICORY if you find your spouse possessive.

WALNUT opens up doors to love, joy, money, jobs etc. Drop a few pills of Walnut in your water container/tank.

Beech - Stop criticizing and fault finding

Willow - Stop blaming

Cherryplum - In anger, not to loose control over oneself

Agrimony - to be open to each other, for open communication

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