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Hakini Mudra Mumbai 2015

Naran S Balakumar This Mudra balances both right and left brains. So, it is very good for students. It balances male and female energy of a person Chant the switch words “SLOW CARE JUDGE LISTEN” while doing this Mudra. The students can chant the mantra, “AMBIKA ANAADHI NITHANAA ASHWAROODAA APARAAJITHAA” while doing the Mudra. This forms a wonderful combination. Only when you chant the mantra you will know what it does to your body and mind Meaning of the Ambika Mantra Universal mother! You were there from time memorial, even before the conception of the world. The universal mother Ambika! You are the one who is the supreme light. The one who wins over the mind is a successful person. Ambika, the supreme knowledge liberate me from the shackles of the mind, to win and subjugate the mind Ambika you are the one, who can open the higher parts of mind. Aparaajithaa – you are invincible and successful. By praying to you, I become successful in life. Again and again I prostrate to the Universal Mother.


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