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Guilty unless proved innocent

RS I am in Middle East. One Friend of mine is not educated. He doesn’t know languages other than Tamil, little bit of English, and Malayalam. He can speak Hindi. He believes all persons and has a soft corner for others. He cannot talk properly if any enquiry comes from inside. He sold all his properties in India and helped so many persons to open a company and had given his security cheques. He is having trouble now. Now he is caught by police. I don’t know the way to help to get him out. He has lost more than 4 million dollars. He did not do any criminal case other than signed for security. Kindly help me to chant mantra for him to come out soon.

Naran Chant “AGRIMONY, ROCK WATER, CHESTNUT BUD” for your friend

RS (after 40 days) I chanted the switchwords for one month. My friend came out from inside. It is really a miracle for him on how he came out without any difficulties. His local sponsor had brought him with his personal guarantee.

Explanation Will prove one’s truthfulness: AGRIMONY To get released on humanitarian grounds: ROCK WATER The person once inside will pray to escape. The “To escape” mentality is healed by CHESTNUTBUD.


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