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God I want to be a victim please bless me

Naran S Balakumar A person – let us call her Rani, works in a government office, on a senior level. In her work place, she was going through lots of issues that were unsolvable in normal circumstances. Every day, she used to send Reiki to her work place and do the forgiving exercise too.  For some time, she was able to hang in there. Normally, we do some healing, keeping a goal in our mind. However, something else crops up and immediately, we put the blame on the technique. We will conclude something about the technique and may decide to stop doing the technique also.

A co-worker raised petitions about her One of her staff-members – let us call him Raj, for no valid reasons started to raise petitions against her – blaming her for something or other, and sending them to her higher officials. She was restless and totally wrecked due to this. Going to office everyday was a great hell to her as she has to defend herself with the higher authorities. I told her to do the forgiving exercise specifically for the concerned person – ‘I Rani forgive you Raj. You please forgive me and release me’. She was doing this for about three months. But, he never stopped giving problems to her. Fortunately for her, her management understood the whole problem and kept quiet by not giving much importance to those complaints. After three months, the complaints stopped and neither the complaining person is to be seen by her. She felt great relief and came to know later that the person has died. What would be her immediate conclusion? ‘I did the forgiving exercise and he died’. She went into guilt thinking that because she did the forgiving exercise he passed away. So, she phoned up to me. Then, I explained to her about the soul plan.

Conversation between souls before their births At the soul level, what is the conversation that would have taken place between Rani and Raj, when they meet before taking their births? A soul decides where to be born, when to be born, to whom they should be born, their siblings, and for what purpose they should lead their lives. At the soul level, they have a meeting and everything is decided. It is not that the meeting will go on for 24 hours. It may last for one minute. Everything (what will happen to them in the earth realm) will be revealed at the soul realm. It is not like the earth realm. The following conversation would have taken place between Rani and Raj like this in the soul realm: Rani: “In the next life, I want to be cornered by getting blamed unnecessarily. Can you help me in this regard? “I want to know, understand and learn the feelings of victim. In addition, in spite of being a victim, I want to give love unconditionally. “Will you born as my brother and blame me, criticize me and harass me to make me feel as a victim”. Raj: “I love you so much. I cannot do that to you. However, I will be born somewhere else. At least for few months, I will meet you at the far end of my life and harass you”. They agreed for this contract and were born in the earth realm. Now, she has understood the lesson of being a victim. She also learnt to forgive. In the earth realm, no human can give unconditional love (easily). That’s why we have to redefine our role and decide that whatever may be your circumstances, you will give love. This is how the souls meet and plan their lives. Understand that whatever may be the problem you may be facing now then there is something else is planned for you.  If you want to know that then you can find out by doing imaginary conversations with the concerned person. After understanding the plans at soul level Rani became calm.


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