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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Client My husband handles a lot of our home and business management issues and he often feels overwhelmed by too many problems and responsibilities that just land on him and drag on forever. Nobody else seems to take any responsibility or do anything competently. He feels he is always putting out fires and not having time to move forward. Are there any switch words or remedies I could use on his behalf?


  1. Keep a picture of King Fisher under his pillow.

  2. When anybody is overwhelmed with work there are two remedies in Bach flowers. They are ELM and OAK. Write his name and circle. Draw one more concentric circle and write these flowers. Daily see them and read them.

  3. You can use switch words “RELEASE RESISTANCE COUNT MOVE ON”. Chant or write them on your husband’s behalf.

Ligia I looked up King Fisher on the internet. I only found the bird, is that what you meant? I’m curious about its significance. The switch words seem very appropriate indeed.

I’ll let you know of any developments.

Naran KING FISHER is a bird. It will help anyone find new sources of money


King Fisher: is a bird. It will help anyone find new sources of money. Elm: will make you handle multiple things at the same time – like for example, organizing a wedding, where you need to be multi-tasking. Oak: work smarter and get your things done. Release Resistance: After making several efforts, the desired results are not accomplished. It means there is internal resistance in us, which stops us from achieving our objectives. Count: to get the money you require Move: to move forward in life and not stuck up in the current situation On: no stagnation (remember the expression here: MOVE ON)


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