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NaranRavi is a teacher for accounts. He had two students, while he needed a minimum of at least 20 students to manage the show. Of course, a 50 of them will help him to do well and more than 100 to be a successful businessman. To get more students, he was asked to visualize as though he has employed a few teachers, taking the classes– as he won’t be able to handle 100 students by himself. In addition, he had to visualize paying them their salary. He had to visualize him taking class without worrying about collecting money from the students. Within a week of visualization, a batch of 10 students joined and in a month 10 more. “Don’t visualize about receiving money, instead visualize giving them” – is the New Rule of Abundance - NARAN.


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Switch Words for Success in Business

Naran S Balakumar Money Generation: COUNT Help to get very good business: TOGETHER DIVINE Learn to be successful: SLOW CARE LEARN JUDGE LISTEN To sell anything: GIVE To get complements from client


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