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Gem Remedies for Life Situations - Part 1

Updated: Mar 14

Life Situations

Gem Remedies

Nervous weakness: Emerald and Coral

Expansion of business: Yellow Sapphire and Coral

Love pangs;: Chicory and Coral

Inappropriate marriage: let us say a 50 year old guy wants to marry a 18 year old girl or vice versa: Coral can help

To restrict debts, For any type of recurring obstacles: Blue Sapphire

Frozen shoulders:Coral and Emerald

Good digestion: Emerald and Ruby

Constipation: Coral

Any dust allergy: Yellow Sapphire

Sneezing and allergy, cough: White Chestnut, Walnut, Crab Apple and Yellow Sapphire

Running nose: Sweet Chestnut, Walnut, Crab Apple and Yellow Sapphire

Any head ache: Blue Sapphire

For low back pain: Nine gems and Yellow Sapphire

Sciatica: Nine Gems and Blue Sapphire

For communication and conciliation; If you haven’t received any communication from somebody (say for example after betrothal no communication for two days): Emerald will establish communication

Before going to dentist: Blue Sapphire and Mimulus (fear).

Appointment with an eye doctor. Take the remedies so you will be diagnosed properly:Ruby and Diamond

Basic remedy for any medical complaint: Sun (Ruby)

Meet an ENT specialist: Ruby and emerald

Surgery was suggested to you. You would like to have a successful surgery: Ruby and coral (Sun and Mars)

For easy and normal delivery: Sun, Venus and Jupiter Together Divine Yellow sapphire (Jupiter)

Before going to go a physician: Sun (red), Jupiter (blue) mercury (green)

Knee problem: Nine gems and Yellow Sapphire Knees are connected with parents – Left knee for mother and right knee for father. If you a have a knee problem it may mean that you may have a conflict of your parent or repeating the mistakes of the parent. Whenever you have a knee problem, prostrate mentally to your father and mother and say thanks to them. For more details check Mind-Body Relationship section.

Whenever you are prevented or stopped, and there are obstacles: Coral and Yellow Sapphire

When something is delayed: Coral

If there is a black mark in the office or if one is black listed: Diamond

If the name is spoiled or blotted: Diamond

Some people get into rage for trivial matters: Blue Sapphire

Unwelcome situations - Even though some situations are welcome, you have to reconcile and accept. To establish harmony: Emerald

Somebody is controlling you: Ruby

To earn more: Yellow Sapphire

For any recovery: RUBY is the remedy.

From business loss one has to recover from their debts and start a new business, Ruby can help.

Whenever you are about to speak to higher authoritiesTake BLUE SAPPHIRE, (Bach Flower Remedies) WATER VIOLET and LARCH. You will know what to speak to them.

If you have work at government offices: Ruby

Before visiting income tax office- Take RUBY. The staff will show you respect.


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