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Frame your own switch words

  1. Anything which has got a name can be used as a Switch word.

  2. There are Gem stones available.

  3. When the first person digs the gem stone and polishes it, how do the person frame certain qualities into it. He names it also.

  4. Example: Blue Sapphire is popular. You may not know the stone at all. The name is popular and it is in the social consciousness.

  5. How the whole world is formed? Then you can understand the switch words.

  6. He named it as Blue Sapphire and said that this Blue Sapphire will be helpful in such conditions. First thing is that he believed it. Once you believe a particular action related to a particular stone, you are 100 % believing that. Immediately it goes into the Quantum field.

  7. And because I believe in that person, I will also start using the Gem remedy. His belief and my belief combined. I will tell the third person. If there are 100 persons believing in the same way, it becomes permanent.

  8. If 100 people believes it, then it has come to the social consciousness and it gets the energy. But we should know when to use it and how to use it.

  9. Similarly, for example, all the diseases are called by names. If there is no name, what will you call. This is how diseases are spread.

  10. The first person calls the particular symptom of the sugar, he names it as diabetes. Diabetes is increasing nowadays because everybody talks about it and sustain it.

  11. When you say Diabetes, you also remember that your kidneys will fail etc. You start believing it.

  12. Diabetes has become an entity in its own consciousness.

  13. When you go to the diagnostic centre, you become fearful. It’s the fear factor which opens everybody to a particular diseases.

  14. With the same word, how do you reverse the Diabetes?

  15. If one word can create Diabetes, there should be another word which can reverse it.

  16. Reverse the word and chant it. Believe that it will restore the sugar balance.

  17. Reversed Word: SETEBAID

  18. If you are not able to pronounce the word, you can say: “SET E BA ID”

Strongly believe it. You should not have any doubt. If you strongly believe it for a month and have a doubt suddenly for an hour, then one month belief will go.


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