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For Addiction and Infatuation

“Om Hariharaaya Namaha” HARIHARAN – Hari and Haran – one word which says two things ‘Have the desire’ and ‘Detach from the desire’. Hari means have the desire. Haran means detach yourself totally from the desire. We want to have desires and at the same we don’t want any bad effects or consequences due to them. For this, this mantra will be very effective. For addiction and for infatuation – a 20-year old girl loving a married person, or a 50-year old person unable to forget the love that is lost, this mantra is required. Chant “HARIHARAAYA NAMAHA OM”, the word OM coming in the end. The burning desire is to be abated. The mantra chanting should be like flowing water. Chant it intensely so that the infatuation of any person known to you or unknown to you is abated. It mayn’t be relevant to you. But, chant this. Let this group energy goes to the person who is in need of that. The person who is addicted has to be helped out.


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