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ExplanationGeneral Satisfaction, To avoid expectation about resultsLarch and GentianHelps us to enjoy the journey and forget about the destiny – which will be taken care of automatically.Teaches us to be happy about the life,irrespective of all the successes and failures. Makes us to understand that happiness is inside us. It can’t be found outside. That our life journey starts and ends insides us.InterviewLarch, Gentian, Oak, Walnut (to carry), Gorse and Larch after interviewLarch (for anxiety about the success of the interview) and Gentian (to be happy about the whole process of life),Carry Walnut in your pocket.Competition means Gentian.After attending 15 interviews or so, give Gorse and Larch. Oak can be added to bring in smartness to the approach.Anxiety about resultsWhite chestnut, Gentian and Larch.If someone feels a sudden anxiety without a cause, then Aspen has to be taken along with rescue remedy.Larch (for anxiety) and Gentian (to be happy about the whole process of life).Competition means Gentian.Aspen is for anxiety without a cause.Increasing Target - Targets keeps getting higher as and when one achieves itElm, Oak, Gentian and LarchTo achieve the target Elm, Oak, Gentian and Larch. Positive Gentian is a happy person.To avoid expectation about the result: Larch and Gentian.Centaury will help you to say ‘no’ assertively, and avoid the situations of target getting increased.Across the negotiation tableBuyer and overall - Chicory and Walnut, Seller - Beech and Walnut. Elm, Gorse and Beech when others may think you may be inexperiencedChicory and Walnut will help you to be in a good bargaining position. This would be for all financial transactions, especially if you are the buyer.Convincing others of your point of view. He should understand your point. Then, Beech and Walnut help me to understand his point. Beech gives a message to the seller, that you have come to understand his point of view. Walnut will respect his view.Remove Walnut and add Gorse when the problem continuous. Elm, Gorse and Beech when others think you may be inexperienced.Be a good trainer and teacherElm and Gorse, Beech for trainer, Willow if resentment is presentElm and Gorse to boost the energy field of the teacher, which will stop over-smart students from asking too many bothersome questions.For a trainer take Beech (as you might tend to get critical of student’s mistakes).Willow (if you feel resentment that you have to handle stupid students)and Elm to stretch your capacity to train somebody.Low self-esteem due to comparison with othersLarch, Pine and add Beech if you think other person is not qualifiedIf I compare my life with others than I am nothing but Larch and Pine (because of low self-esteem).An example: Ram is an experienced engineer. He doesn’t have any flashy degree. But a colleague of him works in the same position, even though he is inexperienced, simply because he is better qualified. He has done his post-graduation – MBA from US: Ram has to take Larch and Pine.Commenting that other person is not qualified enough is a BEECH state. This state gives you no options to grow.If one says "I am stuck with this management..The management is wrong by all means. I am stuck with this person even though I don’t like him"Willow, Beech and WalnutWillow is for resentment, Beech is to stop being critical of other's mistakes, Walnut to break the patternGossiping and Saying bad things about othersWillow and Chicory. Holly - with intent to harm othersGossiping about others in a resentful note indicating Willow.For example: I am quitting the company. Instead of leaving the company gracefully, I say bad things about the company and leave a negative note about the company to my colleagues. Chicory and willow are to be considered for gossip mongering person. Writing anonymous letters with a bad intention of spoiling somebody’s reputation is Holly. He thinks even if I lose two eyes the other person should lose at least one eye.Without knowing the true reasons behind some issues in the company, if my colleague will say bad things about the mistakes I had committed to others, and sometimes to my boss too: Holly.Friendly with my own groupWaterviolet, Beech if opionated, Beech and Walnut to correctExample:I am from Orissa and I will talk only with people from my state: Water Violet.Superiority complex means Water Violet. On the contrary, if one says South Indians are bad then it is Beech. They are opinionated.Beech and Walnut will help us to build a rapport among colleagues.Sacking an associateCentaury and PineCentaury because I am in that state where i do not want to hurt them, Pine is for guilt that normally comes after firing the person.Managing an incompetent personCentaury, Beech and WillowWillow as you resent, managing him. Beech because you think he is useless.Centaury because you cannot voice your opinion, or correct the personInter-departmental meetingWalnutWalnut to facilitate with cross-functional teams as there is no reporting among themPublic meetingElm, Gorse and HeatherBach flower remedies Elm,Gorse and Heather is for public presentation.CreativityElm and ClematisElm to stretch your capacity , Clematis for creative thinkingProcess changeWalnut, Oak and HornbeamWalnut,Oak(Not to go in the same path, and to look for alternatives) and HornbeamAsking for leaveMimulus, Walnut,Centaury and WillowMimulus to face the boss, Walnut for rapport and Centaury to speak your cause assertively.Initially my Boss will say no, but will accept in the end: It is blaming and for that Willow.No empowermentWillow and ScelanthrusWillow is for resentment and Scleranthus (as I am not allowed either way).Getting shouted atWillow,Larch and PineIn front of everybody my boss shouts – “I didn’t make any mistake why should I be blamed.” Willow and add Pine and Larch as well.Not satisfied with performancePinePine wants to improve always. Even though one has got a very good rating, they are not happy about the job done.Convincing about a useless productGentian, Willow, Larch and VervainI am asked to market a useless product. I don’t know how to convince the customers:Gentian and Willow.Add Larch for confidence.To convince others – especially in selling,take Vervain.TalkativeCerato, Heather and VervainCerato and Heather are non-stop talkers. Heather will always talk about himself. Inquisitive person is Cerato – he is a library. He will ask lots of questions.Vervain prefers attention and talks loudly. She is over enthusiastic and she will try to convince you that whatever she says is correct.My inquisitive associateHollyMy associate will dig the information from us. He will ask numerous questions. But will not answer to any of our questions: Holly.Difference of OpinionBeech, Walnut, Cherryplum, PineWhen I tried to make her understand that she has done mistakes as well, she doesn’t agree with me. You take Beech and Walnut to handle her.I am not able to tolerate my colleagues – Beech.Not able to understand each other, putting the blame on others, Beech and Willow. To transform the anger Cherryplum.After I criticize her, because she is not talking to me I feel bad. Take Pine.For more information on Bach flowers - Attend our bach flower workshops and refer to our product catalogue. Flower remedies are available at center. For consultation please contact center.


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