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Feedback on Abundance Live session

Updated: May 10, 2020

Beautiful session by Naran Sir Divine Gratitude to Sir and his entire team Thank you for all your support.

Divinely beautiful session by Naran Sir. Thank u Divine Gratitude for the wonderful session Thank you Sir Thanks to lotus team n all connected. It was wonderful session. We are blessed to be connected with NARAN sir, the divine soul... Thank you Sir for your blessings.. Divine Gratitude for the beautiful session Sir thank you soooo much for the beautiful guidance . need help how can clear the debts and loans of the banks . Pls Sir need guidance. Thank you Thank you sir, the session was wonderful and very helpful

It is an amazing session.. feel happy and Blessed

Wonderful session. Lotus app is convenient way to attend the session... Thank you all


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@nag1953 kindly send me the notes as I was not able to attend. Thanks sree matre namaha gratitude.


The Live session was very informative, helpful and motivating. Thanks to the technical team for their awesome support in providing a hiccup free session. However, watching it on IOS phone with a small screen was a painful thing particularly at an age of 67.

It would be very much appreciated if there were to be a web application of the app which would be helpful even to browse the contents with ease of operation and vision.

The Story of Balaji's marriage with Padmavati and the connection to the names in Vishnu Sahasranama was the highlight.

I would suggest that the session be continuous without interruptions because of which we tend to lose much continuity in the session due to distractions.

Deepa M
Deepa M
14 thg 10, 2021
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