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Fed up with my son’s behavior

PREETI I am practicing whatever you tell – be it Bach flowers, animal spirits, switch words. All are very helpful, like magic. However, my son is a problem, which I cannot handle. My son is now 17 years. He is behaving so badly with me. It was like this before also, but from the past 15 days it’s become unbearable. He gets up shouting, cussing and using the choicest words. If he wants me to come then I have to come leaving everything behind. If he says, “Do this. Do that” then I cannot say no. Else he gets so abusive. I have been hit time and again. He is strong and it hurts me a lot. He abuses my parents saying what an S*** they gave birth to. He calls them and hangs up. Last time my mother almost fell trying to take the call. They are old. He asks “When I will die. I hope your parents die soon”. I am fed up as my husband says why I am provoking him. I do not tell him anything, it’s of no use. I am in the safe and secure mudra. It is helpful, but the whole day being in that mudra is difficult. I am getting insane as I cannot talk or say anything fearing that I will be abused and hit. Please help.

Naran Look at the Power Life Symbols 12 (Praise) and 32 (Reform-Person) separately and chant the relevant switch words as many times as possible.

Refer the following links to know more about the symbols: 12 Praise: 32 Reform-Person:


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