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Energy Ball Exercise

  1. Shoulders apart, hands slightly bent and keep them wide. Do not constrict the shoulders and expand them as well as your fingers. Let there be at least a gap of 2 feet between them, palms facing each other.

  2. Imagine you are carrying a big bag in your hand or a plastic ball filled up with water.

  3. Slowly very slowly bring the hands together millimetre by millimetre. Consciously you should not move it. Keep observing. It will move automatically. If you do so, you will feel energy in your hands. Take at least 10 minutes to bring them together.

  4. Close your eyes while doing the exercise, so that you can feel the energy easily. Do this until you are feeling the push of energy in your hands. If you are not able to feel the energy it’s ok.

  5. If you get body consciousness you can’t feel the energy then. Therefore, to avoid thoughts that will break the energy flow, chant “Love, Thanks, Reiki” or “Love, Thanks, Divine”. Right hand and left hand will pull against each other. Your hands are pulled as though a magnet is attracting iron fillings. Finally the hands will touch with each other.

  6. Once you feel the energy or when the hands touch each other, place your hands 1.5 inches below the navel – the place of Hara Chakra. It’s the Vitality Chakra that provides us life force and energy. You might get pain in your shoulders as you work with computers for long hours and don’t utilize the shoulders properly. Though, they have to be strong for Reiki to flow more. To increase your flexibility of shoulders, rotate them in all the four different directions. Reiki Energy What’s the reason behind doing this exercise? By doing this exercise, you can feel the energy inside you. Reiki teaches you how to access this energy. It is the energy you are born with. Don’t apply your conscious mind and logical mind here. Blind acceptance will bring forth the energy inside you. Do this exercise whenever you feel tired.

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