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Doing well in Exams

Nivedita My son is in class five…a very intelligent boy but unable to score high marks in exams…what should I do?

Naran Intelligent boy not scoring marks – Is there any fear of exam? (MIMULUS) Does he forget during exam but remember after the exam? (SCLERANTHUS) Or is he going blank and forgetting the answer? (WHITE CHESTNUT) Or does he not have enough time? (ELM) Or feeling shaky while reading the question paper? (RESCUE REMEDY) Or making silly mistakes and getting fewer marks. (IMPATIENS) Is he sitting to study putting the required efforts? (OAK) Or not sitting to study in the house? (CHESTNUT BUD)

Nivedita I think he has got fear of exams, because he does errors in the paper, same questions he answers correctly at home….similarly in maths too…all the sums are right at home. But in school he makes silly mistakes and thus scores less. He does study what is required for his age or class, no problem in that.

Naran These questions were given to you with the intention that you will get the answers from him. Ask him, get the answers from him and then ascertain whether he has got fear or forgetfulness.

Nivedita As guided by you, I spoke to him. He says he panics whenever he gets the test paper, fears that he will be unable to complete it. So, it is fear actually.

Naran Then give him flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY and LARCH (confidently to handle the paper) on the dates of all examinations. Put 6 to 7 pills of above flower remedies in water and make sip every half hour. He can take the bottle to the exam also. Water can be 300 to 500 ml.


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