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Converting unwanted to wanted

NaranRam had problems with his brother Sundar, for the last 15 years, after his brother had cheated him to the tune of 1 crore of rupees. While Ram was suffering like anything, Sundar was doing well by all means. Sundar’s business was growing leaps and bounds. He could get his children married easily and so on. On the contrary, Ram was struggling financially. All his attempts to get his daughter married proved futile. For last six years, I was giving several healing techniques to Ram. He was following them judiciously. Over the course of the time, he could get his money back from Sundar. Though, he could never release his anger for him. He came to see me last week in regards to his daughter’s marriage. There were two prospects, but neither of them is committing for the marriage proposal. I asked him to do the following technique based on the fact that he is jealous of the progress of his brother. I asked him to close his eyes. Then visualize his house in a screen in front of him and mark the place and then his brother’s house in the same screen. He had to move his house slowly towards his brother‘s house to merge both. He did this for a few days. One of the two prospects agreed to marry his daughter.

I know, you will have some questionsHow can I use this technique when I am single and have to do this technique to attract a suitable girl into my love-life? You will know somebody who can attract himself a girl-friend or bride. Visualize yourself, shifting yourself into him. This way you are developing in you the capacity he has. I don’t want to become like him, as he some bad aspects about him He might have other qualities which you don’t like. Don’t worry as you are only intending for the capacity you lack, which you want to develop in yourself. Other example could be… You have a prospective customer as well as a customer who doesn’t respond to your sales call at all. Move your unresponsive client into responding client and this way you will be able to convert him into a prospective customer.

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