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Conversations with Naran - Silence and Need to speak

In Conversation with Naran Sir : 

Question: I am not heard, no one listens to me.

Naran Sir: Why do you want to talk? Think about it first. When you speak or chat in social media or send messages, are you getting any benefit? What is making you do those interactions?

* Is it a desire to associate and stick to a person

* Is it a desire to please?

* Is it a desire to belong ?

* Is it a desire for approval and recognition?

* Is it a desire for love?

All human interactions and relationships are only on a shallow plane. Only Divine is true relationship which we have to aspire for and belong to. Sri Aurobindo says that "Purity means being only influenced by Divine."

We should analyze this every moment and not bother about who do not want to talk to us. Turn to Divine. Do not hate or start disliking those people as well. Send good thoughts and vibes that are good in general. Release the desires to be approved, loved and be possessive.

Silence is a practice that should be followed. Think before talking or sending messages or forwards or even thinking!! What am I doing? Can I make a difference with these words or message? Instead of observing and listening we often speak and talk thus we lose wisdom we would have gained instead.

For being able to do so and being better in communication "Om Eim Namaha"  can be chanted as well. It's a Saraswati mantra.

Practice and meditate on and in Silence.

Best of Divine Grace.

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