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Connection between organs of the body

Organ connection to each otherPROBLEM IN THE ORGANS – EFFECTWHICH CAUSES THE EFFECTSOLUTION FINDERLungs and Large IntestineHeart and Small IntestineKidneys, UBKidneys, UBStomach and SpleenLiver and Gall BladderLiver and Gall BladderLungs and Large IntestineHeart and Small IntestineHeart and Small IntestineKidneys, UBStomach and SpleenStomach and SpleenLiver and Gall BladderLungs and Large Intestine

The triangle is highly mystic.Effect on us: You feel something - the mental state - which is affecting the body is taking a particular route – for example - lungs and intestine. Cause: We think it is because of this event or because of this person etc. Solution-finder (the Subconscious/Inner Mind): it is beyond our rational conscious mind to think that our own subconscious or the shadow mind has invited this event or person.

Healing Steps

  1. Address the mental state which is the “Effect”

  2. Heal the supposed cause of the event – “Cause”

  3. Find what resources you need from your subconscious mind. The very same shadow-self knows the way to solve this. –“Solution finder” In quantum picture of events, that which creates the block provides the solution. That is the meaning of the above triangle, connecting the cause, effect and solution finder.


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