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Discussion on Bach Flowers with Naran BalakumarSigns of a Clematis person Clematis persons have trouble progressing beyond simply dreaming. He is also a procrastinator, but of a different kind. They are averse to real-world demands – “I want to do this work, but I hate the details.” He always whiles away his time. His lifestyle may include some singing, occasionally surfing the internet, doing frequent astrological readings, buying weekly lottery tickets, and does aimless loitering as well. Any work is hard work for him. Everything about life should be easy and pleasant. Therefore he will shirk off from any responsibility and so will refuse to have a career. He lacks attention in routine matters, pays little attention to facts and details, and hence finds it is difficult to focus. Clematis Person in (no) Action!!! He is passive and lazy. His life is dormant, lifeless, unfulfilling. He won’t be able to convert from conception – even if it is good enough, into action. The Clematis person is a failure in following up his words with his actions. He will talk tall about his programs and plans, but will not carry out whatever he had projected to others. Some examples:

  1. “Don’t bother if this customer leaves us, somebody else will come.”

  2. She will write letters but not post them.

  3. She will make grandiose plans but won’t carry them out.

  4. The clematis avoids doing a job which he thinks is difficult, for as long as he can.

  5. He may not live within his means and will not bother about getting loans.

  6. He will live in a dream world. Though, he is good at conception level.


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