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Reasons for a bad Cholesterol In a world of good cholesterol and bad one, LDL cholesterol is the bad boy of the two. LDL collects in the walls of blood vessels, “blocking” the blood flow. LDL, or "bad," cholesterol is found in the bloodstream, and eventually causes clogged arteries if it is not taken care of. Excess cholesterol builds up as fatty deposits or "plaque" in your arteries. Plaque buildup reduces blood flow through your blood vessels making your heart work harder and increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke. Apart from lifestyle, heredity, whatmental state increases LDL Cholesterol? Some of the expressions which may increase LDL and decrease HDL:

  1. Somebody is blocking my life

  2. Parents have spoiled my progress

  3. Someone’s evil eye is the cause of my problems

  4. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law prevent my joy and happiness“Block” is the key word

  5. There is something wrong with me

  6. I am not destined to progress

  7. I am born to feel sad

  8. There are always blocks… Compensatory Behavior

  9. The person is irritated, impatient

  10. Unable to find time to eat

  11. Hurrying up for everything is their behavior

How to handle it?Remedies Take the flower remediesAGRIMONY, GENTIAN, WILLOW, CRAB APPLE, and IMPATIENS Agrimony opens up the “covering” of cholesterol deposit. Gentian and Crab apple will help remove the blocks in the mind and vessels. While Willow brings in joy, helping one to forget and forgive which in turn improves blood circulation. Impatiens will make one slow and careful. Gem Remedies: Green Aventurine and Magnesite Power Life Symbols Love and Joy (66 and 67) Switch words “ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE” “SLOW CARE” “ALLOW DIVINE” Attitude Thanks, Forgiveness, Surrender to the Divine EFT/Tappingstatement “I accept LDL level to ADD HDL blood levels.” ADD is a switch word Reiki Past-Life Healing Release your memories and your parents’ memories of the above mentioned mental states. Affirmation “I CLEAR LDL cholesterol NOW CIRCULATE.” CD Rhythmic circular breathing can help. Remedy Packs from Centre A combination of flower and gem remedies is available, to reduce LDL Cholesterol. Herbal Products/Remedies/Alternative medicine like Homeopathy Homeopathy: Cholesterinum and Fel tauri each 6x. There is one CARDORIUM PLUS product available at Honey naturopathy hospital which can help.


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