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The Bach Flower Remedy ChicoryKey words Possessiveness, Self-Love, Self-Pity, Always Demanding, Noticeable, Attracting Attention Indications

  1. They try to attract others attention: for example, infants attract attention by crying when you leave them alone or we try to impress others sometimes by flattery.

  2. Will be overeager to help.

  3. They get angry, if they find no gratitude from the person benefited by them.

  4. Their possessive nature can make the opposite person as a Centaury. Please note here, fear of rejection indicates a Centaury, while the person who instils a fear of rejection on others is Chicory.

  5. Chicory will not give anything free – there is a hidden agenda behind every transaction he makes.

  6. A Chicory person always attracts the attention of others.

  7. Always demanding and expects a great deal from others.

  8. He is possessive, extremely interfering, secretly manipulating and easily hurt.

  9. He has a feeling of unwanted.

  10. Over protection and too much parenting.

  11. Constantly concerned with the affairs of the family, always interfering.

  12. Behind all Chicory type, there lies a deep lack of fulfilment, often a feeling of not being loved.

  13. Desires for company for his selfish ends.

  14. He is a stingy person.

  15. Easily offended or hurt – self-pity.

  16. Pretending illness to attract others pity.

  17. Always speaks about what others owe her.

  18. Extremely nagging – the in-laws remedy.

  19. Thinks, feels that everyone is there for his help.

  20. Goes to the extent of weeping or pretending to be ill to get his things done.

  21. There is constant fear of loss.

  22. Emotional demanding always.

  23. Behind the Chicory state, an internal emptiness is more.

  24. Watching over the needs, wishes and progress of family and friends.

  25. Always ready to comment, to correct others or to advise others.

  26. The emotional control is subtle, making others dependent.

  27. He will manipulate to impose his will.

  28. The Chicory finds it hard to let go, feels easily offended or hurt; becomes ill to gain sympathy, always expecting others to live in the feeling of gratitude to her.

  29. Chicory children throw temper tantrums.

  30. The Chicory child will weep and get things done.

  31. If weeping doesn’t pay, he will indulge in flattery or helps you in house hold work.

  32. Always demanding, tries to seek attention.

  33. The Chicory baby always wants her to be held in the lap all the time.

  34. The Chicory child likes to be carried always.

  35. Would weep if said anything.

  36. Over care and over concern for hurt feelings.

  37. Always seeks company.

  38. Heart Chakra is closed for Chicory people.  Pray to Chicory to be active in the Heart Chakra.Chicory says

  39. Threatening: “I will do homework, but I will not go to the music class.  If you agree for my condition, then I will finish up all my homework now”.

  40. “I am angry at his ingratitude, and he cheated me. I have done so much to him” – Chicory + Chestnut bud.

  41. Chicory person makes others feel guilty by saying, “You have just used me.”

  42. “After all that I have done for you, this is how you treat me”.

  43. “I have given her a sari on her birthday and all that I get from her on my birth day is a card.”

  44. Emotional black mailing - “How can I live without you?”

  45. “Think of what I have done for you” and then bursting in to tears.

  46. “My dear son, I miss you so much, the house is vacant.”

  47. He sometimes become ill, he may resort to black mail. “I will study after this, if you allow me to browse the Internet.”

  48. “People should respect me.”Ailments

  49. Eating disorders

  50. Hysterical Neurosis  - convulsion type

  51. Histrionic personality disorderUsage

  52. “Live and let live” is the positive Chicory.

  53. Chicory + Walnut – when the child starts schooling

  54. Chicory + Walnut – for a second wife

  55. Chicory + Star of Bethlehem – if a person whom you love is dead

  56. Chicory – for separation.

  57. Chicory: I want love and attention

  58. Chicory: I feel that nobody recognises my importance

  59. Chicory: I have a fear of loneliness

  60. Chicory: I feel I am neglected

  61. Chicory: I feel unloved by my loved ones

  62. Chicory: Others say that I am of a highly interfering type

  63. Chicory: I can't be alone; I always need company

  64. Chicory: I often enjoy giving my opinions and advice to others; but I feel hurt/offended when they reject my advice

  65. Mimulus, Chicory: My child stays close to my side; rarely goes alone; does nothing alone

  66. Chicory: Cries a lot when starting for the school

  67. Chicory, Mimulus: The child becomes upset even if mildly criticized

  68. Mimulus, Chicory: Burst into tears for no apparent reason

  69. Chicory: The child clings to mother


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