Change your attitude change your life Part 2

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Conversation with Naran Sir - Ravi

God, Divine, Spirit whatever name you call, is a very great worker. He is definitely the owner of this universe. But at the same time he is a great worker. He has made earth, stone, hills, mountains, animals, birds, monkeys and from them man was created. It's an evolution. In this process of creation how many hurdles he would have faced? Storm, winds, rains, so many resistance. Inspite of all these resistance he is doing his work happily.

All the good people will have opposite negative person. Every thing is coexistence. Always this fight is going on. It is an unending process. In this difficult situation of fights and resistance; God is doing his work happily. What for he is working? What is his motive? So the first lesson from this is, " To achieve that target I keep working happily, patiently till I achieve what I want"

Divine mother's message is "What has to be done will be done". So the God is not visible to us and he is working continuously, happily and patiently. In the same way, in this world Truth and Light are hidden, like behind every pain there is bliss hidden at its back. If there is any problem or difficulty there is always good things behind it. So unless you pass through this difficult situation you can't see the hidden good thing. It is a path.

If you decide not to pass through this path, you will be staying there only, stagnant, crying, cribbing, resenting. If you need happiness you have to pass through this path of difficulty. Then only you can see the Truth and Light. If you decide to be here itself then there will not be any evolution.

So main motive, goal of the divine is to bring that light, happiness, truth and all the hidden good things to the earth which he is enjoying, to change the whole world like his abode. To make this happen, he can do it through man only. To achieve this goal only he is working hard continuously. He is working to bring that blissful state of his to mother earth and working hard for this. That is God is a very great worker and in front of him we are nothing.

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