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Change your attitude change your life - Part 1

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Conversation with Naran Sir - Ravi

Many of us feel that doing household work is not contributing to my office or business work. We feel that we are not able to complete our office/business work.

The main problem is our thought process.

Every one say that, it's tiresome, involves lot of time, it's a burden, not able to concentrate on office work. Here it is not the work you do, but it is your perception. As long as we are in the same old mind set, we will not get the interest in doing the work. When we change our perception we get interest to do work.

If we have the compulsion to do the work and there is no other way, we do it but with lots of reluctance, hatred and anger. If we are the earning member of the family, we have to go to office daily because we need money. You get salary. So is it good to go to office daily by cribbing and with resentment or is it good to think that God has given me this work and I will do it happily.

So when you do any work happily, thinking that God has given you this, then you will get your promotion, increment and whatever you want you will get. As long as you are in the state of resentment you will be stagnant and will not grow. Then you will start blaming your boss, your company saying "you have put in so many years of service to this company, my work is not recognised, nor they have given me any increment, promotion etc". When you are in the state of resentment you can't see whatever you want, all that you can see is only bad things, hell only. But if you do the work happily, whatever you need you will get without asking and without any effort. If you change your perception you will get interest in doing the work.

Unless you change the perception you will not get what you want. For example, a person says he can walk for 15 minutes only. Suppose you ask him to stretch it 30 minutes he will refuse.

What will make him to walk for 30 minutes? He must think over and find out what will make him stretch it to 30 minutes. If he finds that by listening to music he can walk for 30 minutes, then listen to the music and walk. So stretch your work you have to find a way out, what is the one thing that can make me work, that can motivate me. Bring that perception.

If you do any work happily without expecting anything like increment, promotion etc you will get energy, and if you do it with anger, resentment it will reduce your energy. So if you change your thoughts from "what I get by doing this" to " I will do this work happily, whatever I need will happen at the right time" then only you can do the work otherwise you can't


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