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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

New concept of reframing your mind was explained in the previous post "Will household work also contribute to business".

Concept: In a given situation (any situation) where you are not able to avoid/escape the work and forced to do the work, how to do it in best possible way?

One such example is doing household work and office work. It is applicable for all situations where are you are committed to do the work and cannot reject/skip it.

In current situation, some of you have a compulsive need to do both household work and office work. At home, you do not have help, you cannot order food outside, self-cooking and at office, extended work hours etc. Then how do you do it in best way?

General tendency you give more importance to office work and ensure there is no compromise or problem in accomplishing your allocated work. However, you will not give importance to household work and consider it as a waste of time, non-productive and feel it has been thrusted upon you.

In life, you cannot ignore one aspect (part of life) of life and excel in another aspect of life. In other words, you cannot ignore household work for doing your office work.

Household work, office work is just a bifurcation of the SAME Work. You are entrusted with Work (household, office/business). It is our human mind which makes this distinction.

When you do the household work unwillingly, it will affect your emotions, behaviour resulting in irritation, anger, resentment, feel as a victim, exhaustion.

As long you consider it as a burden, it will affect all parts/aspects of your life. Then how can you excel or progress in your work?

A change in your perception can bring in lots of changes in all aspects of life.

Your present mind set/perception : Household work is non-productive, time consuming, waste of time.

Change your perception.

Household = Contributes to my success in business, promotion, increments etc..

When you change the perception that household work is contributory to your success in other areas of life, you will feel motivated and start doing it with more willingly, enthusiastically, happily.

The resentment, victim feeling, mental fatigue you complain at the end of the day will vanish.

When you introduce this new belief/perception, household contributes to success in other areas of your life, you will remain motivated, enthusiastic, happy throughout the day and extend the same in all work you do.

When you do the household work willingly, your physical skill in doing a work will improve in other areas of work as well. Just think about it.

You feel consciously this work is thrust upon you. Each of you will have a benefit in whatever work you do. Otherwise, you will not do that work.

What is the benefit you can think of, in your household work?

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