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CHANGE for a Better Offer

Niru, July 24 I want to change my job in the same company that I am presently working. These days, my desperation is for changing the department but not the organization is increasing a lot.

Naran, July 27  Chant “CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”

Niru, August 29 As told by you I am chanting “Change Divine Order” as many times as possible and also writing “MIMULUS, LARCH” 51 times in a notebook (honestly speaking not every day). I got an offer from another department yesterday. The HR formalities are still pending. I am praying everything should go smoothly and I should do extremely well in the new position. One thing I noticed after I started writing Mimulus and Larch in the notebook is that I have become more peaceful. Instead of worrying about what will happen to my future continuously now, whenever such thought comes to my mind I immediately tell myself ‘There is a divine force that will take me in the right direction’. The only thing I need to do is keep faith and keep chanting and believe in God. Thank you for giving me this peace of mind.

Naran, August 31  Continue writing. Chant “TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”

Niru, September 20 I am glad to inform you that I got a job in another department in the same company. I am chanting as told by you and writing as well. Now my aim is to do extremely well in my new role and grow in position. I also need the strength to take care of my aged parents and my daughter. Please let me know what I should chant for continuous peace of mind and prosperity in life. Thanks you for your guidance without which I would not have had peace at all.

Naran Chant “ELM, OAK, OLIVE” Explanation Change, Divine Order and Together are switch words, while Mimulus, Larch, Elm, Oak and Olive are Bach Flower remedies Change Divine Order: to change the situation to divine order Larch: for low self-confidence and develop an ‘I CAN’ attitude. Mimulus: fear of future about job Together: to bring all the forces inside us to achieve our objective. Elm, Oak and Olive: will provide both mental strength with smartness (required in office) and physical strength (to handle parents and daughter).


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