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Change Divine Order Vs Find Divine Order

GAI want to ask one question. Our scriptures say that each and everything is happening in this universe according to the Will of Supreme Lord. It means good or bad whatever happens, it happens according to His Absolute Will. This is what I consider as Divine Order. When everything is already in Divine Order i.e. according to His Will then what is the real meaning, significance of Switch Words “FIND DIVINE ORDER” and “CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”?

NaranThere is no good or bad event. It is our judgments which separate any event. When we think the event is bad, we deviate from the DIVINE ORDER. Therefore, the mind is instructed to re-align with the divine order by the Switch word CHANGE. When the mind does not accept what is happening, we are commanding the mind to change. To know what is in store for us, we FIND DIVINE ORDER. Similarly, there is no bad person. The so called bad person has deviated from the DIVINE CENTER. Instead of changing him, we have to accept him as he is, for which CHANGE DIVINE ORDER will be helpful. When we try to change him, we deviate from the CENTER. By chanting CHANGE DIVINE ORDER, we will change our view towards the other person and re-align with the center divine; we will have a different outlook. Any how this has to be done for a long period of time, analyzing our behaviour at each and every step. Read the reply, I gave to Bhavi:


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