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Chakra Balancing

  1. One hand above eye brows and another on the bottom of the back: third-eye chakra and root chakra

  2. One hand on the throat and another one below the navel: throat chakra and Hara chakra

  3. One hand on the chest and another one below ribs and above the navel: heart chakra and solar plexus chakra

  4. Corresponding fingers of both the hands touching each other on the chest: heart chakra One to three minutes in each position and spend equal time in each position. Chant the following affirmations in each position:

  5. “I Release All the Past”

  6. “I Am at Peace”

  7. “Divinity Takes Care of My Future”Benefits Daily use of balancing the Chakras will clear all the Unwanted Emotions and Thoughts.  This will help you to start leading a Life of Love dictated by Divinity, which is the Unconditional Love flowing from the Heart Chakra. Position One:

  8. This position balances the mind and body. The mind is re-linked with the body.

  9. The pity is we are always attached with body. The security is in the basic chakra. Instead of finding the security here, the mind travels to so many places, relates with so many, doing so many things, without understanding the importance of the basic chakra.

  10. All your resources for security are here. Where do you go? This place will help us first to be with the body and in the long term we will feel secured.

  11. Bach Flower Remedy Cerato is also for insecurity. Out of insecurity, he goes and consults people.

  12. A feeling of stability and security is created inside the person.

  13. Whenever there is fear, spend more time on this position in addition to other chakras. Second Position:

  14. To reduce fat

  15. To reduce temptation

  16. Balances desires and manifestation and bridges the gap between desire and manifestation. Then you will desire what is about to manifest, and whatever manifests you will be able to accept it completely. Third Position:

  17. To improve peripheral circulation

  18. To dissipate anger.

  19. Merges the Ego and Pride with the Heart. Fourth Position:

  20. Mind submits to heart.

  21. A total relaxation will set in as Love flows from the Heart filling up all the Cells, Organs, Chakras and the auric field.When you need Chakra Balancing

  22. After a Reiki session – whether it’s a full session or a quick Reiki session or healing a specific part.

  23. Though when you couldn’t find time, try to do at least Chakra Balancing.

  24. If you are tired

  25. If you are tensed or even if you are too happy

  26. When you are restless you should do chakra balancing.


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