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Case histories - Right Shoulders - II

Right shoulder- Back 1 . An HRD trainer consulted Mr.Naran regarding pain in his right back shoulder. While questioning him about the onset of the problem, Mr.Naran casually asked him if he had at any point failed to express his gratitude to someone to whom it was due. After some thoughts, he admitted that he had not adequately acknowledged his indebtedness to the person who had been his guru and mentor. Any success he enjoyed was owed entirely to this mentor and yet during a recent visit to his mentor’s town for a conference, the man had deliberately avoided meeting his guru. Mr.Naran asked him to seek forgiveness and to mentally express his gratitude to this mentor. He did as advised and became totally free from pain. 2.  A young girl came to Mr.Naran with pain in her left shoulder. Some weeks earlier, Mr.Naran had cautioned the girl against marrying a particular individual and at that time she had accepted his counsel albeit grudgingly. His advice had later proved sound but the girl had not expressed adequate thanks for his timely intervention. In the meanwhile the girl’s parents had found an ideal groom for her. The young man was suitable in all respects and would make her an ideal husband. The young girl was torn by guilt. She knew very well that but for Mr.Naran’s insistence she might have married the other man and her life would have been quite different. She was also plagued by doubts about whether she deserved such a happy turn of events. All these emotions were playing on her mind and resulting in the pain in her left shoulder. Mr.Naran asked her to chant the following affirmation. “I deserve to enjoy life. I willingly release all the past and the guilt feelings associated with it” The girl is now relieved of the pain and is happily looking forward to her wedding. 3.  A 70 year old man complained of pain in his left knee. When asked about his relationship with his mother, he stated that they enjoyed a happy association. During the conversation he mentioned that his father had dies years before. Normally pain in the left knee indicates problems with the mother but in cases where the father is deceased it could also indicate problems with the father since the left side also relates to the past. Mr.Naran therefore asked him about his relationship with his father and was again assured that there were no issues or problems on the front either. Mr.Naran then asked the man to think back and tries to recall of there was any advice given by his father that he had ignored or failed to carry out. Considering that the man’s father had died 25 years ago when the man was 45 years old. It required a lot of effort to think of issue that far back in time. After deliberation the man hesitantly mentioned that there was only one instance he could recall. His father had apparently taken a vow to undertake a pilgrimage to a holy shrine but could not fulfill it in his life time. On his death bed his father had called him and  asked him to promise to fulfill the vow on his behalf. The man promised, genuinely wishing to satisfy his father, but over time he had forgotten his promise due to the pulls and pressure of daily life. On hearing these words, Mr.Naran immediately asked the man to arrange to fulfill the promise by undertaking the pilgrimage. The man was not very enthusiastic about undertaking a journey as even normal walking was difficult due to his painful left knee. Mr.Naran convinced him to undertake the trip nevertheless and so the man set out. He had great difficulty boarding the train at Chennai but on alighting at the temple town he found that the pain in his knee was considerably reduced thus enabling him to walk to the shrine without assistance. After having the darshan and thereby fulfilling his father’s vow the man was amazed to find that the pain had disappeared totally without a trace.  He marveled at this miraculous healing and thanked him body for prompting him to fulfill his promise to his father. 4.  A man suffering from terrible pain in his right back shoulder came to Mr.Naran seeking a cure. After making all the preliminary enquiries, Mr.Naran asked the man if had forgotten to make any payments or was unduly deferring any payments that he had to make. He could not immediately think of any such instance but after a while he remembered that there was indeed a case where to he had not pain his dues. There was a small Murugan Temple near the man’s house which he was in the habit of frequenting. In fact for years he had been performing “Archana” at this temple. For the last few weeks however he had been unable to go the temple but the priest at the temple continued to perform the archana on the man’s behalf and bring the coconut, plantain and other offerings to the man’s house. Although the man received these offerings regularly, he faulted to make any payment towards the archanai. He kept telling himself that he could pay the money but it remained merely a thought. The priest did not ask the man for money either. Perhaps he felt delicate to ask money from a person who had patronized the temple for years. Mr.Naran asked the man to immediately go to the temple and reimburse the priest for all the expenses incurred over the last few weeks. He also advised the man to promptly pay his dues in future. The man was only too willing to comply. 5.  A woman attended a Reiki workshop conducted by Mr.Naran. Many of the participants in that workshop were familiar with Bach Flower remedies and therefore during the lunch break, the started discussing flower combinations for various ailments and problems. On of the combinations mentioned was Rock Water and Chestnut Bud for locating lost objects. When the woman heard this she wanted to know if it would work in cases where the object was lost nearly a year back. When questioned about the nature of the object lost, she was unwilling to divulge the same but mentioned that she suspected that here husband was behind the theft. Mr.Naran had in the meanwhile guessed what the lost object must be but did not press the woman further. He merely asked her to take the combination and in addition write out an affirmation like this. “My husband has given back my________” He asked the woman to do Reiki for the affirmation every day. After two weeks the woman called to report that the missing object was back in the same place from where it had gone missing a year back. Apparently her husband had returned it quietly. The woman was profuse in her thanks to Mr.Naran. 6.  A student of Mr.Naran came to him with problem. Her daughter had not conceived even after being married some years. The young couple was desperate to have a child. The mother had even tried giving her daughter Golden Champa essence which reportedly helped in such cases, but in her daughter’s case it had no effect. Mr.Naran suggested DXN therapy. This is a mushroom based thereby which is very effective for various problems. It is however a rather expensive treatment. The medicine for infertility would cost about Rs.1500. the daughter although willing to try anything in order to conceive, was not prepared to pay such a large sum of money. Mr.Naran had also asked the couple to keep a picture of a rabbit in their bedroom. Rabbits are very prolific animals so this was perhaps why Mr.Naran wanted them to have a picture of rabbit. The couple promptly put up a rabbit picture on the wall but was still undecided about DXL therapy. The girl’s mother then decided that since her daughter and son-in-law were reluctant to spend money on the treatment, she would have to pay for the medicine out of her pocket. She informed Mr.Naran of her decision but some how the two of them could not co-ordinate their time to enable her to pick up the medicines. In the meanwhile the daughter came with happy news. She had conceived at last. The mother realized that she owed this miracle to the picture of a rabbit in her daughter’s room. The rabbit in fact saved her Rs.1500 which she was on the verge of paying for DXL treatment. She called Mr.Naran to share with him this wonderful healing that had taken place. 7.  A couple came to see Mr.Naran. The wife was suffering from a painful and still right shoulder. Any movement of the right arm caused severe pain in the shoulder. The couple has a daughter whose marriage was to take place in a month’s time. The woman was worried about how she would be able to complete all the necessary work in connection with the marriage, considering that her movements were so restricted. Mr.Naran asked the woman if she was suffering from any anger but she categorically denied it. Despite Mr.Naran’s persistent probing, she stuck to her stand. The husband however could not keep silent any more and blurted out that there was a major problem between his wife and his father. The two were not on speaking terms and In fact his father had been sent away to live with the other son as the situation was becoming unbearable. The woman in fact hated her father-in-law to such an extent that she had forbidden him to attend her daughter’s wedding even though as the girl’s grandfather had had every right to be present. Mr.Naran tried explaining to the woman that her body was sending her a message that her stand was incorrect. Whatever may be her relations with her father-in-law, she could not deny her daughter the blessings of her grandfather. The woman was adamant. If her father-in-law attended the wedding, she would stay away. The moment she made this emphatic statement, the pain in her shoulder intensified. Noticing her wince, Mr.Naran gently pointed out that she ought to change her attitude if she whished to get relief from the pain. The woman finally relented. As soon as she openly showed a willingness to change the pain reduced slightly. Mr.Naran asked to go along with her husband to invite her father-in-law personally for the wedding. He also asked her to prostate before her father-in-law. The woman did as advised and was completely cured. The father-in-law attended the wedding and blessed the bride. After the wedding, the woman came to see Mr.Naran. She then confided to him that her relationship with her father-in-law had broken down after he tried to seek sexual favor from her. She asked Mr.Naran whether she was not legitimate in feeling angry and disgusted when confronted with such behavior from her own father-in-law. Mr.Naran’s answer was simple. “The does not distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate anger. As far as the body is concerned anger is a negative emotion and therefore detrimental to one’s spiritual progress. The body therefore sends a message through the vehicle of pain that you should forgive the person who is the source of anger and not harbor ill feelings.” 8.  A dentist who runs his own clinic came to Mr.Naran complaining of pain in the left side of his neck. Despite taking conventional medicines to relieve the pain, the pain had persisted. Mr.Naran made casual enquiries about his clinic and the success of his practice. The dentist admitted that he found the number of patients visiting his clinic was unsatisfactory and had been resorting to aggressive advertising to promote himself and his clinic. He had put up advertisement boards in all street corners in the vicinity of the clinic and had been circulating promotion leaflets. Mr.Naran then explained to him that it was this desperate urge to successful that was the root cause of the pain in his neck. Such blatant advertising was contrary to the moral code prescribed for doctors by Hippocrates. Whenever a person resorts to any and every method to prove himself to the world irrespective of the legality or morality of the method, the body responds by manifesting pain in the left of the neck. The body’s message is that belief in one’s abilities and faith that things will work out are enough for anyone to succeed. Chasing success will prove counter productive. On learning this, the dentist promised not to resort to advertising in future. The moment he took this resolve, the pain reduced considerably but still he did not get complete relief. He came back to Mr.Naran who advised him to remove the advertisement boards that were already in place. When the dentist complied, his cure was complete. 9.  A young doctor fell down from a bus and sustained multiple injuries including a spinal injury. For about two years he underwent treatment at various places and finally was cured of nearly all his problems. The pain in the cervical region (C 4 to be precise) however did not get healed. He was referred to Mr.Naran. When asked to describe the pain, he said it was a “pounding” or “pricking” pain. Mr.Naran immediately asked him the question “who have you done this to?” The doctor was taken aback but after reflecting for a few minutes admitted that he had been abusing his sister’s husband because he had not liked the way he had treated his sister. Although his sister had not asked for his involvement he had interfered and used unparlimentry language against his brother-in-law. As a consequence of his actions his sister’s marraiage was affected badly. Mr.Naran asked him to chant the affirmation “I will not interfere in my sister’s life”. He also asked him to forgive his brother-in-law. In spite of doing this, the doctor’s pain continued with only a slight relief. Mr.Naran then remembered reading in Louse Hay’s book “You can heal your life” that the probable mental cause for cervical problems is a refusal to see other sides of a situation. Perhaps the doctor had become bitter after the accident because of the disruption in his life. His practice had come to a standstill fro two years while he sought treatment and even his marriage had been cancelled. Mr.Naran gave the doctor a mental exercise. He was to list out after due reflection all the positives that emerged because of the accident and subsequent treatment. The doctor undertook the task and found he could list some positives stemming from his experience. 1)      Although he had initially been depressed by his marriage being cancelled, he now realized that if the marriage had gone ahead as scheduled, his wife could have been put off by his injuries and been disappointed about the marriage. It was better to ensure or total recovery before seeking a spouse. 2)      He now understood the meaning of pain and could therefore be more empathetic with his own patients 3)      He now realized how much his family loved and cared for him. Earlier he had taken these things for granted. 4)      The two years he had spent going from one hospital to another for treatment had made him realize how much advancement had been made in the field of medicine. If he had just taken up his practice after his MBBS and had no interruption he would not have had an opportunity to go around and see the advancements made. 5)      The two years of treatment had taught him patience and faith in his body’s recovery power. He was confident that ultimately he would have his neck and back restored to normalcy with no pain whatsoever. After the list was made, Mr.Naran asked the doctor to thank the accident, thank the bus from which he fell down and all those involved in the accident and more importantly to thank God. Te doctor did as instructed and the thanking exercise gave the desired result that earlier the forgiving exercise had not done. 10.  A young woman fell down from her scooter on returning home from work and hurt her left hand. When the pain in her had did not respond to treatment, she approached Mr.Naran to seek relief through non-conventional methods. Mr.Naran has been researching the mental causes of physical pain for some time now and his findings have shown him that pain manifesting in the left hand is an indication that the person concerned has received and internalized some hurt or insult. To ascertain that it was true in the case as well, he started posing questions regarding the woman’s fall and her state of mind on that day. This was the woman’s story. On the day she had the fall she had received her promotion letter from her boss. Instead of the usual good wishes or congratulations her boss while handing over the letter commented that all and sundry were being promoted these days and made it amply clear to her that he thought her undeserving of the promotion. The poor woman’s happiness on being promoted was ruined by her boss and his callous comments. She lost her own sense of self worth and consequently took the fall thus injuring her left hand. Mr.Naran asked her to take Rescue Remedy and more importantly chant the following affirmation as many times as possible. “ I deserve this promotion. I know fully well that I am a capable person. I love and accept myself.” The young woman followed his instructions scrupulously and was healed completely. Her confidence was restored and she is now transformed person. 11.  Subramaniam (name changed) is a very generous person. He is always giving lavish gifts to his near and dear and is ever ready to help friends of his who are in need. Whenever he went abroad on a trip he would unfailingly return with a box full of expensive gifts for people back home. He did not think twice about the money he spent in this manner. His mother was always controlling him about his extravagant ways and advised him to put away some of his money in a savings so that his future would be secure. Subramaniam never took his mother’s  words seriously. He continued doing the same thing much to his mother’s despair. One day subramaniam woke up with sever pain in his left thigh which was a “boring” pain that seemed to go right up to his bore. The pain then spread to the whole left. When usual treatment with allopath and flower therapy failed, he came to Mr.Naran who immediately pointed out that the cause of his was guilt. Mr.Subramaniam had failed to heed to his mother’s words and even though he did not realize it, guilt was building up at the subconscious level. Whenever the words of a parent or elder are ignored repeatedly the body will send you a message to heed the wisdom of your elders by manifesting pain in the left leg. Subramaniam realized his fally and was ready to make amends. Mr.Naran asked him to chant the following affirmation. “I respect money and heed my mother’s words and obey her wishes”. Subramaniam is now free from the pain. Taking the advise as interference at the same time feeling guilty for not respecting the mother/elder. 12.  Although the pain is usually the medium through which our mind conveys messages for our personal evolvement, sometimes messages convey to us in other ways too. A couple came to Mr.Naran to seek ways to solve their servant problems. Apparently their servant had not turned up for more than 15 days and this was causing a lot of disruptions in their daily routine. Mr.Naran asked them to thank their servant. The couple were surprised to hear this advise. Mr.Naran explained to them that we often tend to take our servants and other helpers for granted. On the days when they come to work we never show our appreciation of their efforts but the moment they take a few days break we are quick to criticize them and lament about our bad luck. The message to be learnt therefore is to always show gratitude for all those whose help we take day in and day out. Mr.Naran also asked the couple to thank the vessels to be cleaned and the clothes to be washed. Most of us find household tasks like cleaning vessels and washing clothes tedious and demeaning. When your servants take a break, the message that the vessels and clothes are conveying is that they want to be cleaned by you personally with the right mental attitude. You must do the work of washing and cleaning joyfully and painstakingly and not in some haphazard manner just to get it over with. The couple accepted the wisdom of Mr.Naran words. When Mr.Naran returned home after attending to all the patients for that day, he was surprised to learn that his servant had taken the day off. His wife was also away at her mother’s place. The other woman who normally attended to the household chores whenever the regular servant took a break was also unavailable. Mr.Naran realized that he was getting a clear message “practice what you preach”. He took up the work of cleaning the vessels with total involvement. When he was done, it seemed as though the vessels were sparkling more than usual. He thanked the vessels for teaching him something that day.


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