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Case histories - Category Fear

Case history for Aspen A 32 yrs old girl will keep lights on while she goes to sleep. When she was young, she had an experience while sleeping in a dark room. Around 11.30 PM she heard the sound of the door opening. When she opened her eyes, she saw a white sari touching her hand and heard the sound ‘hey’. From then she doesn’t sleep without the lights on. Even if she consciously believes in ghosts, it comes under unknown fears. I told her to put off the lights and sleep after taking Aspen, for a week. Now she sleeps without fear without lights on. Mimulus Vs Aspen Such fears are called as delusions and it comes under the category of unknown fears. If you have an Aspen fear, there will be a palpitation of the heart. For Mimulus fear you won’t have that. Aspen fear is for unspecific and unknown fears. It would be constantly be present. In the case of Mimulus, only certain times and moments you will get that fear, for example as and when you see a dog or cockroaches. Case history for Mimulus One lady residing in Singapore was afraid of Lizards. Wherever she goes, she will keep looking for lizards. She will make sure that all lizards are wiped off before entering a rented house. Then she will keep the windows closed restricting the entry of the lizards. I asked her parents about the details of her fear for lizards. They said she has it since her childhood. If the expression “since” is used then the Bach Flower Remedy White chestnut has to be prescribed. When she was given Mimulus, White chestnut and Walnut (she was newly married and new to Singapore residence) she completely came out of her fear for lizards. Bonus of using Mimulus You are restricted with a budget of 5000 rupees to buy saris. You want to buy one which has to be good and at the same time cheap as well. Please understand that best and cheap never go together. However, with help of Mimulus, you can get the best product within your budget. You have a budget of rupees 5 lakhs for your daughter’s marriage. Within that budget wedding will happen, if you take Mimulus. For managing Auto drivers in Chennai, chant Mimulus before getting into an auto. The driver will ask exactly for the fair amount. Case study on Red Chestnut Four times (arranged) marriage got fixed and the mother of the bride broke it all four times and that too within 2 years. Why? Mother is afraid that her daughter might undergo harassment from in-laws. So she found some excuse to break the marriage alliances. It’s a freak thought. Yet she manages to spoil the marriage arrangement. Now, the marriage is due in coming January. I had given the mother Rescue remedy and Red chestnut. Uses of Rescue Remedy and Red Chestnut Where they will be useful? Let us say the doctor has given just two more days for the person to be alive. The people related to the patient have to pray to Rescue Remedy, Red Chestnut and Sweet chestnut. In addition, write the names of the flowers and keep it under the pillow of the patient. It will bring the patient alive.


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