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Cannot tolerate my in-laws anymore

Client I'm recently married. Ours was a love marriage. It’s been 4 months now. From last month, I'm staying with my parent’s home and not in my in-laws home. My in-laws are objecting me to go and see my parents. When I went to my parent’s home during first time itself, they made some arguments. But, I ignored it. When the same thing happened for third time, I could not tolerate it. So, I came to see my parents and stayed back. Then I asked my husband to live separately from them, with no objections from me for him to meet his parents. He did not agree to this proposal and tried to take me to his parent’s home by forcing and torturing me mentally. But still I did not go because all these 3 months they have tortured me enough and could not take it anymore. I tried to tell my husband the same. He is a soft-hearted person and so he could not talk against his mother. She is the one who is so cruel and rude. Also, he doesn’t have enough courage to face her or come out from his parent’s house. So please suggest me a switch word which makes my life peaceful with my husband. Day-by-day misunderstanding is increasing between him and me.


Client What would be the result? How fast they would realize their mistakes? They should realize soon and ask for forgiveness.

Naran You cannot have what you want, till you have developed forgiveness for them. Just chant as many times as possible. If you are vengeful, they will also be vengeful; if you are forgiving and loving, they will also change. Just analyse yourself. Ask the question what change you have to bring in for yourself to achieve what you want. Change within is the first step to get harmony. You say he is adamant. According to him, you are also adamant. When both of you are firm in your respective stand, nothing can happen. When you want something – peace or harmony – you have to pay the price for that. You decide what price you can pay. They may be totally wrong; but it is your life; your behaviour, your opinion, and your approach alone matters. Chant the above for 20 days and then come back. Then I will tell you how to do the forgiving exercise.


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