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Can I use gem remedies for multiple life situations

Using Gem Remedies Part I

Naran S Balakumar The answer is yes and no. To find solutions to our life problems we have to use gems as a combination with other gem remedies and sometimes, with other healing remedies like Bach Flower Remedies. Every gem stone has a specific purpose. Gem remedies are natural remedies and they work only for specific situations. Of course, they work for the wellbeing of the humanity. In fact, all remedies including the Animal Spirit remedies, Bach Flower remedies, and Gem remedies – all these vibratory remedies are highly specific in nature. You cannot try remedy ‘A’ for situations that require remedy ‘B’. A traditional South-Indian cook, who knows how to prepare Iddly and Dosas, cannot be asked to make Pizzas. He will not be able to do so.

A case history that shows how remedies are specific in nature Tariq was advised not to wear Blue Sapphire ring as it has the restricted him buying a house. However, he was fond of the ring. Yet, he listened to the advice of Naran. Within a span of three months, he found a good house for purchase, moved in and his five years of house hunting got ended. Thus, a gem that works in one situation will not work in another situation and may prove to be an undoing factor in another situation.


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