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Can I influence time of my child’s birth?

Naran S Balakumar In the case of child birth, everything is determined by genetics and Time. Do not bother about Ragu, Kethu and all such things. Do the Pariharam – cure (to appease the planets), but chant the mantra. Nowadays, I have found that there is another problem in the case of child delivery. Some people want me to give the right date and time for child birth, so that at that date and time, they will do Caesarian. How can it happen? For any birth, it is the Lagnam (point of the zodiacal belt that coincides with the position of the horizon at the time of birth, for a given place of birth) that is very very important for the time of birth. That’s not in your hands. So during the ninth month, the pregnant woman and her family members can chant this mantra. If this mantra is chanted then the child will be born at the right time, at good time, and with good Lagna.

Births of Krishna and Indirajit Before the birth of Krishna, the planets asked him “In which of the places we have to be positioned”. Krishna replied to them, “Be as you are. I know how to transcend you”. Whenever I get phone calls from people asking my advice to do caesarian at a particular time, I am reminded of a story in Ramayana, which happened before Ramayana. When Indirajit – brother of Ravana, was about to be born, Ravana wanted all the planets to be in a particular place. He commanded them to do so. As per the to-be-born horoscope, the Saturn has to be in the 11th place. Just two seconds before the birth, the Shani (Saturn) kept its leg on the 12th place, ignoring the command of Ravana, and because of that Indirajit met his fate at the hands of Lakshmana. Because Saturn ignored his command, Ravana chopped its leg. That’s why it has a slow movement. For each Rasi (sign), it takes about 2.5 years to complete the cycle. You can control all planet but not Saturn, because he is the son of Time. Only thing you can do is to prostrate to time. Chant the mantras as mentioned in the article:


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