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Break the pattern of getting criticized

Naran S Balakumar One boss will call a person and bombards her in front of all. Every day, when she goes to the office, she will have fear about the same. Naran gave her the picture of CRAB. The person goes to office by car and it takes her one hour to reach the office. Naran advised her to get down from the car and walk down when she is nearer to office, say 1 km. This is called “DOING DIFFERENTLY” technique in NLP. Every day we do things in a pattern and it will follow. Break the pattern. Suppose you are taking coffee after brushing your teeth. Change it. Take the breakfast and have coffee. She started walking on the road. Naran advised her to count the no of scooters going on the road while walking. She counted 4 scooters and entered the office. On that day, the manager did not come at all. She got confident in the technique. When you have a problem and if you are not able to come out of it, you have to break the pattern. The next day, she went by auto and the manager was there. But he did not say anything. He called her inside and told her that he realized his mistake and will not find fault with her. He stopped blaming her in front of all persons.


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