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Black patches on the face

A Case History for Water VioletRani became sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and started developing black patches on her face. The doctor asked her not to be exposed to the sun. Her movement is restricted because she goes out either in early mornings or after evening hours. First time when she met me, she was given Walnut (sensitive to atmosphere). She just took it for four times and reported that she could see some improvement on her face. I wanted to probe in further. Naran: What would have caused this de-pigmentation? Rani: I believe that the heavy make-up I was using might have caused the problem Naran: Do you think there are other reasons too? Rani:  I was using lot of turmeric on my face. I used to be called as Yellow Beauty. Probably my usage of turmeric also would have caused this. Naran: When other people, I mean friends and relatives, enquire about your face, what would be your reply? Rani: Do you think anybody has the guts to ask me? Naran: Hmmm was there are any? Rani: Only two have enquired so far. Naran: What was your reply then? Rani: This is the latest make-up. (Saying this, she laughed loudly, which indicated her superiority complex.) Naran: Why should anybody have guts to talk to you? Rani: I am a reserved person. If anybody tries to come near me, I will snub them. Few try to come closer to me. However, I will make sure that they don’t get close to me. Naran: Do you have any close friends? Rani: None fits my bill. I have some friends. But I am not close to them. Naran: How do you select your friends? Rani: Intelligence is very important. If I say something then they should understand it immediately. If I have to repeat what I say, then they are below my standard. He will be out of my list of friends. Even in my area, nobody is up to my level. All the houses in my locality are built in small plots. My house is the only one which is built on a two-ground plot. (Laughing loudly) (This above expressions points to Water Violet – Superiority Complex)

AnalysisWATER VIOLET: She is not allowing anybody to get close to her. Mentally, she keeps the people at a distance. Physically, by developing dark patches on her face, her body helps her to keep others at a distance. PINE: The reason she gives for the dark patches on the face is that she had used lots of make-up materials. Blaming oneself for the problem indicates Pine. CRAB APPLE: Make-up is the word she used often. It means that she is covering up the patches. Covering up is the key word of Crab Apple. WALNUT: For over-sensitivity to Sun rays


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