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Benefits of listening to Soul Love CD

Naran S Balakumar If you listen to the “SOUL LOVE” CD, then only you can understand how the soul can express its love. Our love is human love and it cannot be total. It is always is selfish love. If we have to be selfless, then it is not possible to do with the mind. For that certain Switch words are available. You can meet your own soul and you will understand the soul love only afterwards. My soul love is different and your soul love is different. But the concept is same. How do you express it is what matters. We have to prepare ourselves to listen to the Soul Love CD. We must deserve to listen to that CD.

  1. Thank those times where you helped from the heart.

  2. You might have helped somebody from the bottom of your heart. For some we would have helped before they asked for help. There also thank god for giving you an opportunity to express love and help that person. Then only self love will increase. More and more you fill up your mind with Divine love, there you do not need anybody to love you, because you are already self-sufficient then. Self-sufficiency will automatically come to you. If you help someone then you do not expect him to be grateful to you forever. If you are grateful to the god then that energy will be automatically pouring forth in you. Each and every cell, each and organ and each every chakra will be reverberating with love. Only then self-love will come. You will understand that you need not have anybody to love you, because you are already a representative of Divine Love.


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